4 Einzel Studio Apartment Designs Unter 100 Quadratmetern

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4 Einzel Studio Apartment Designs Unter 100 Quadratmetern

A custom built-in provides ample storage in the open dining room and sets the stage for entertaining. We love how the piece integrates storage for both wine bottles and glasses in a simplistic fashion.

A wooden loft area provides room underneath for a small music studio. Accessorized with a piano, hanging guitars and a banjo, the space is a cozy spot for playing a favorite tune.

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10 | Source: Gateway ApartmentsGateway West Apartments also showcases high end interiors with small footprints.

25 | A mirror within the apartment makes the space seem larger. A matching quote continues the theme, while breaking the juxtaposed colouring.

1 | Source: gyunexXOur first apartment is the bachelor pad of GyuneXX, a well-known Reddit user. His bachelor-friendly living room shows his love for gaming and anime, blending light wood finishes and black leather together to form the ultimate gaming zone.

Measuring only 39sqm, the space is designed to fit a comfy desk space and several DVD compartments, combining functionality with a Scandinavian-style design.

This eclectic white entryway houses a functional mudroom featuring a contemporary storage bench. Wooden shelving is situated above the bench, creating additional storage options. Colorful geometric patterns are used to keep the space feeling lively and trendy.

The effective layout of this space gives it the full functionality of a regular apartment. Offset from the bedroom, the sofa faces the back wall creating an intimate seating area of its own. A cubicle shelf unit serves as a simple room divider between the living room and bedroom. Small, sleek accessories and decor make the space visually appealing while keeping it from appearing cluttered. Tip: Use warm colors, like orange and taupe, to make the room look cozy without feeling dark.

In a studio apartment, it makes sense to choose as many double-duty furniture pieces as you can. Don’t just choose a bed — find one that has built-in storage underneath. If you don’t have room for a dining table, choose a coffee table that’s big enough for you to sit at when you have your meals. And if you’re going to get a bench, make sure you follow TerraCotta Design Build’s lead and get one with additional storage inside.

With the openness of a studio apartment, sometimes it’s hard to establish a defined floor plan. A great way to do this is to carve out an area in your studio with a large piece of furniture like a bookshelf. In this example from Ikea, they’re using a tall shelf to block off some space for a home office.

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2 | Source: Multi Housing NewsThis micro apartment is all about proof of concept. This studio is a proposed design for the Boston Waterfront, where hundreds of these types of studios may be developed. This type of housing is designed for an eclectic, urban lifestyle where residents are expected to use their apartments to sleep and occasionally do some work, whereas recreational activities take place in common rooms, community facilities, or local businesses.

39 | Source: Marsh PropertiesGranite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and modern design touches make this studio a must-see.

Creating an accent wall in a small studio is a great way to create some visual interest. In this example from LabLStudio, they used a bold, abstract wallpaper to define the space in the bedroom. The accent wall serves as a giant piece of art.

Take a look back at our past posts, from entertaining and design trends to up-and-coming HGTV shows.  

27 | Source: SolhausAngles don’t have to mean loss of space or utility. This interesting layout is still usable and comfortable.

7 | Designer: StyleroomDesigner Styleroom gives us a glimpse at a simple yet completely functional living space.

4 | Designer: Jonathan RoseThis micro apartment showcases high design along with smart thinking for small spaces, like 10′ floor to floor heights, hardwood floors and high quality finishes, and a charming balcony.

Partial walls create the feeling of a separate and private sleeping space in this crisp, white studio apartment.

This stylish Philadelphia studio utilizes every inch of space without making the room seem busy. The neutral walls and bedding keep the space controlled and balanced. “I tried to separate the space with organic textures, eclectic accessories, shiny metallic objects, soft draperies and unique lighting schemes,” HGTV fan greendesigner says. To quickly hide the bedroom from the kitchen and dining area, he added tall draperies as an easy room divider. Tip: Downsize the furniture to expand the space — buy a loveseat instead of a large sectional. If you like to entertain, invest in small barstools; they take up little space and provide plenty of seating for guests.

High, exposed ceilings automatically make this 700-square-foot apartment seem much larger. HGTV fan rbaby separated the bedroom from the living room and dining area with a cubicle bookshelf. The look not only provides additional storage but gives the bedroom some privacy from the rest of the space. Tip: Spice up a small studio with a vibrant focal wall in red or orange.

When you live in a 750-square-foot space, every inch counts. 

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Floral Pillows Complement Geometric Wallpaper in Feminine Studio Apartment

HGTV fan Wicket47 updated the narrow living room of this 300-square-foot apartment with a splash of color and funky wallpaper. Minimal decor and a crisp, white sofa allow the black-and-white graphic wallpaper to stand out without being overwhelming. Deep forest-green draperies are a perfect balance to the sofa and add a dramatic touch. Tip: If you’re going to use a black and white color scheme, mix in a vibrant hue, like yellow or lime green, to break up the monotony.

This charming corner banquette in a space designed by Kristi Nelson helps bring home the point that in a studio, you need to make sure you’re efficiently using every square inch of space. Banquettes are a great option if you need to create an additional seating area or if you only have a tiny amount of space to create your dining room area.

Large-scale artwork fills this small apartment living room with color. A pink Nina Ricci dress and sequin shoes were used as accessories to personalize and add a feminine touch to the transitional space.

A pint-sized historic shotgun-style house gets the Fixer Upper treatment. 

Since this shotgun-style apartment is only eight feet wide and 375-square-feet total, it was important to keep a clear pathway throughout the center, creating somewhat of a galley-style home. To keep the apartment both functional and stylish, furniture was arranged along two opposite walls with nothing in the middle, balanced visually with proper scale and proportion.

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If you are looking for modern house plans that includes architectural drawings too, please check out our modern house plans collection.

49 | Sometimes luxury hotel suites can serve as an inspiration for small studio apartments. The above is actually a plan for a suite in the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, FL.

14 | Source: RentCafeFound on RentCafe, this small space shows that you can live comfortably without leaving a large footprint.

Closets are a great way to store clothing and other home essentials, but they can be a challenge in a small space. Removing closet doors is a great way to make a closet in a small space feel larger and give you easy access to the items inside. Drapes are a nice alternative for those who like an open closet but want the option to close things up when guests come over.

9 | Source: Bay OaksIn Tampa, FL’s Bay Oaks, 400 square feet of living space can go a long way in getting modern housing near the beach.

30 | Circular elements in the dining table and plant leaves mirror each other, in a space more resort than inner-city apartment. Rectangular hovering benches and wall panels allow the mounted TV to blend in on earthen-coloured walls.

13 | The Capitol on 28th also showcases premium views, with some tiny living units featuring outdoor spaces.

11 | Visualizer: Afina PortobelloThe virtues of interior design make themselves clear in the alternative options for this space. Using the same 39sqm, the space is transformed from bachelor pad to light and dreamy studio home.

In the living room, geometric patterns hint to a gaming background, which are reflected in the cushions and rug. Mustard in-panelling in the kitchen draws the eye between shafts of white in the kitchen and brick wall behind.

A second option is provided for the same space below.

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Studio apartments often have limited closet space. However, this example from Laurel & Wolf reminds us that you don’t necessarily need a closet to store your clothes. If you’re lacking closet space, consider using an empty wall to create an open-air closet. Using different drawers, shelves and hanging racks can allow you to create the perfect “walk-in closet.”

Wall shelves are another great way to define areas and create extra storage space. Since they’re available in various sizes, you can create a wall shelf arrangement like this one which isn’t evenly stacked but makes great use of the limited space above the sofa. A simple wall shelf is also a great solution next to your front door if you don’t have enough room for any entryway furniture.

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10 Stunning Apartments That Show Off The Beauty Of Nordic Interior Design

17 | Visualizer: Thalia KamargaThis rendering is nothing short of incredible. The amount of work that has gone to this particular work boggles our mind because this looks as though it was crafted pixel by pixel in an image editing program.


The kitchen and living space in this 330-square-foot New York City studio apartment is kept spare to minimize visual clutter and maximize space. The floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry provides storage, while a compact table does double time for dining and working. A sleek, compact kitchen doubles as the base for a lofted bed to add extra space.

A two-story tiny house that tilts onto its side? Anything is possible. 

23 | The view to the kitchen examples everyday elegance. Clean, simple décor is met by high-wooden stools in two colours, with the teal stool referring to the lounge table behind. Thin white Venetian blinds let in the light.

Another great idea for an open wall in your studio is creating a unique shelving unit. LabLStudio created some additional storage space in the kitchen with this simple, custom wood shelving unit. Wine bottles are stacked but still accessible, and wineglasses are neatly arranged.

15 | The Central Park Rexburg may be tiny, but it offers just enough space – and prime locale – to ensure residents’ comfort.

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There’s no need to shy away from big art, even in a tiny studio apartment. Right Meets Left Design gives us a gorgeous example of how to use big, bold art in a small space. You could also try a big art piece like this above your bed in lieu of a headboard.

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Ready to #getfit? Dip, squat and lunge in these incredible fitness sanctuaries.

19 | Textured white walls personalise both spaces. Minimalist bedding lies behind a two-walled entrance, one sketched in abstract, the other clad in white brick. Scandinavian school chairs offer a view.

33 | A view to the tile-wooden floor shows personality in a restricted space. Wooden elements reflect themselves in stove housing and wooden chairs, while beige kitchen tiles break the mould.

6 | Light-wood panelling continues throughout the space to the kitchen, which mirrors the TV cabinetry. Touches of light wood on the kitchen table and armchair fixtures create cohesion throughout the space, while a panoramic print behind the sofa creates a focal point.

When buying furniture for a dorm room or other small living space, choose pieces that are multifunctional. A futon is the perfect example; by day it can be used as a sofa, but by night it can instantly turn into a full bed. Here, white tables on casters are used as an entertainment center and a mobile coffee table and the cubed bookcase not only stores books and kitchen essentials, but serves as a room divider, too. Photo courtesy of IKEA

If you’re short on space, you can turn your bed into a daybed. This would allow you to use your bed as a couch during the day to create extra seating options in your studio. You can simply create your own daybed like designer Susie Herr did here, by placing your twin or double bed against the wall and using large throw pillows to create a couch-like look.

24 | A feature quote in striking black hits the white wall, an impact felt throughout the space. Alternate white and teal school chairs offer a space to tired diners. Hanging wall shelves add functionality.

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This Upper West Side studio began its life as a bland white box. Now, soft cream on the walls continues to the ceiling beams, adding depth and dimension to the space. The hand-painted pinstriped paint treatment is both easy to produce and easy to cover up, an ideal combo for a rental. Removable wallpaper by LABLstudio forms a focal point on one wall, and layered bedding exudes youthful, casual charm.

12 | In Oklahoma City, OK’s Capitol on 28th building, 422 square foot micro units offer a simple yet luxurious living space.

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Since this small studio apartment lacked a defined bedroom, airy curtains were hung to separate the sleeping quarters from the rest of the space. A readymade bed was painted and built to look like custom cabinetry.

13 | Another two options for the living room mimic the same themes. Geometric patterns dominate in the first, with stone-coloured curtains alternating amongst Nordic-style furniture and mustard finishes.

The second option shines lighter, with dreamy chiffon curtains and cane chairs inviting a more worldly seat.

It’s next to impossible to find storage space in a tiny studio apartment for a big, bulky bike. In another genius project by LabLStudio, they show us how you can actually treat your bike as a piece of art. Hang a bike rack on your wall, and proudly display your bike under a colorful painting. The bike is still easily accessible, but it’s also completely out of the way. Best of all, it’s not taking up any of your limited floor space.

This closet is actually located in the open corner of a studio apartment, where fashion expert Lindsay Albanese shoots her YouTube videos. Designer Lucinda Pace of Laurel & Wolf found that Lindsay was using her clothes closet for storing boxes, paper towels, and other miscellaneous items, while her clothes hung on collapsible rolling racks. The designer created this “Style Studio” for Lindsay along one wall to act as clothing storage, a video set and an apartment design element all in one. The chaise, formerly a catchall for un-hung clothes, was reupholstered in ivory microsuede, and now serves as the perfect place for Lindsay to interview guests.

These Mantel Wall Shelves from Room & Board give you a chance to show off your favorite books or decorative items like framed photos. With each shelf holding up to 20 pounds, they’re a great way to add display storage and keep clutter from taking over your home.

This cozy small space features large windows and banquette seating. Green striped walls house framed botanical prints, giving the space a natural feel.

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This 12-by-17-foot apartment doesn’t leave much space for creating a separate bedroom, kitchen and living room, but the neutral color scheme and warm accessories provide an open feel with the intimacy of a small space. “My biggest challenge was creating a space that didn’t feel like a bedroom. I placed the bed next to the kitchen to allow maximum light and views out the windows,” HGTV fan moderngeek73 says. Tip: Keep furniture and decor to a minimum if your space is extra small. Use small light fixtures and furnishings.

Natural light filters into this small, feminine space, making it feel brighter and larger. Since the fun, geometric wallpaper is the anchor for the design, white bed linens, floral pillows and colorful stools were added to break up the pattern and bring some additional color into the space, creating an interesting, fun, unique design.

28 | Visualizer: Elena OvcharenkoLast but not least, a 93.25sqm bachelor pad in Kyiv, Ukraine, offers a stylish shoulder to lean on. Using finishing touches such as a gradating tile-to-wood floor, this unique space can easily transition from boy’s night to family gathering.

In the living room, a focal camel couch matches the shade of kitchen wood panels, while a potted plant and magnetic lights add contrast.

3 | Designer: ADD IncDesigned by ADD Inc., this smaller-than-market apartment (called a micro unit) made its debut in Boston and was profiled in both the Boston Globe and Metro. It showcases 300-square-feet of usability with flexible storage, wrap around counter that doubles as work and entertaining space, and a polished concrete floor for utility.

6 | Source: Australian National UniversityEven students can enjoy high design.

5 | Further extending the space, a film calico drops down to reveal a cinema room, perfect for displaying movie favourites.

15 | The view into the bedroom shows the two themes carrying again. The first predominates in teal, with lemon accents showing in small round tables and couch cushions, the bed hiding behind stencilled white bookshelves.

The second hones in on the bedroom, with chiffon living room curtains leading to stone bedding and light-wood hues. Zigzag patterns avert the eye.

42 | Visualizer: 3DM DigitalThis reminds us a bit of modern meets Mad Men. The shapes and the layout are ideal for singles or small couples with an appreciation for mid-century and modern design.

17 | A straight view of the kitchen offers a shifting gaze. The first option points to mustard cupboards, with subtle white tiling and lightwood groundings. Option number two uses white tiling as the feature, illuminating its sheen while white cabinetry fades into the background.

Learn how to turn any room into an inspirational crafting studio.

Get to know the talented writers and editors of HGTV’s show and design blog. 

Ah, the humble studio apartment. At one time, this dwelling was considered to be the home of starving artists. Today, it’s a symbol of efficiency and exceptional modern design. With the tiny house movement driving architects and interior designer to think small, it’s no surprise that the studio has become not only a source of inspiration for those that wish to live large with smaller square footage, but also maximize whatever space possible. In these 50 studio apartment plans, you’ll see living spaces that dazzle with their ingenuity, attention to detail, and unique design.

5 | Designer: Archer StudiosThis small wonder comes courtesy of BuilderOnline.com and is designed by Archer Studios for the Silicon Valley workforce in San Jose, CA. Each unit features a living, dining and sleeping space, a kitchen, and a bath, with some featuring a balcony or a patio.

Measuring in at just under 300 square feet, these studios were designed after research into cruise ship cabins and other small spaces (to ensure complete usability). Premium finishing touches, like aluminum windows, stone composite kitchen counters, and stylish colors and textures.

A readymade bed was painted and built-in to look like custom cabinetry. Airy, floral curtains separate the bed from the rest of the apartment

The narrow space in this studio apartment is made functional with stylish storage solutions, floating shelves and multipurpose furniture.

The main room in the apartment is multi-use; it’s a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. In order to preserve valuable floorspace, the designers opted for a wall-mounted bike rack.

If you have tall ceilings in your studio, building a loft is a killer way to add some additional square footage to your space. In this example, the owner created a sleeping area in the loft and used the space underneath as a small music studio.

Short on square footage? Try these designer-approved ways to stretch your space.

Hand-painted pinstripes and removable wallpaper on one accent wall add instant style to this small studio on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. A petite sofa comes alive with pillows that feature bold brushstrokes of magenta, and a feather Juju hangs above as a whimsical touch. A modern console table does triple duty as a vanity, workspace and dining table.

Apartments are often designed with couples in mind. Housing small-to-middle size families, a range of styles from across the world show how your kids’ bedrooms, and your own, can be clutter-free and brimming with stylish simplicity. The only question is: how do you design well, with only one person in mind? These four apartments are designed for one-person households – specifically. Whether for gaming fanatics, lovers of inspirational quotes or space-saving minimalists, each of these designs has something thoughtful and functional to offer. White space, light wood and Scandinavian-style designs predominate, allowing room for each and every single person’s design personality to shine.

18 | In Crescent Cameron Village, clean lines make this studio feel spacious and modern.

26 | Softer hues clothe the bedroom in pink and light blue, relaxing colours for dreamtime. Abstract prints framed by dividing curtains let the space come into its own, while clothes hide behind white-panelled wardrobe doors.

Another easy, no-fuss way to define your space is with curtains. Jarret Yoshida Design used gauzy curtains to create a private sleeping area in this studio.

That space you’re purchasing is so very small and the world of pain you’re entering so potentially vast.

32 | Source: Solis Sharon SquarePremium countertops, hardwood floors, and comfortable room sizes make even these small studios feel like luxury accommodations.

This studio apartment may be small in size but makes up for this deficiency with sophisticated city style. Neutral walls and curtains make the space appear much larger, while black and silver accents add to the crispness of the style. The living room’s furniture arrangement keeps the space separate from the bedroom and study area, giving the small apartment more functional areas. Tip: Lucite furniture is a perfect addition to ultra-small spaces. This coffee table is hardly visible but still serves its purpose. The piece relieves the space of bulky furniture, preventing a crowded look.

Three Inspirational Scandinavian Interiors Achieving Pastel Perfection

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16 | Designer: Studio GreendeLooking for futuristic charm? Look no further than this studio.

21 | Visualizer: Lệ Hằng LêA more feminine apartment is shown by our third design. Measuring just 48sqm, this space-saving beauty has character and cosiness in one bold little number. The living room exemplifies this trend, with pops of teal and charcoal lighting up animal and landscape prints on a clean white wall.

Hanging bauble lights add elegance.

Turn that once wasted patio into the outdoor retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

Fixer Upper Goes Tiny: Joanna’s Tips for Living Small, Stylishly

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Upon entry, the dining room opens onto the sleeping area, making the proper placement of living room furniture challenging. But a pair of French doors separates the bedroom from the dining room. Glass panels provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

50 | Visualizer: HusoWhile this is another hotel suite, it could serve as inspiration for a studio apartment. Just look at the use of shape – incredible!

8 | Via: Arch PaperThis micro-apartment proposed by Berkley developer Patrick Kennedy, is also known as a “SmartSpace”, featuring 220-square-feet of space to San Francisco, CA. This unit is all about usability, with amenities designed to serve multiple purposes with a small footprint.

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