4 Sleek Interiors Wo Holz Im Mittelpunkt Steht

January 18, 2018 8:01 am by oliviacheryl
Sideboard aus holz die farbkombinantion bietet einen angenehmen kontrast und wirkt natürlich
Feel comfortable in the light flooded room with selected designer pieces designed by allan
4 Sleek Interiors Wo Holz Im Mittelpunkt Steht

Even for those who aren’t so familiar with design and architecture, most can name a few major eras of style. From Gothic to Modernism, design has mostly followed a succession of defining movements shaping the way we build and use spaces. But what do we call the eclectic mix of influences we are swimming in today? While schools like the Bauhaus still have considerable influence, the design landscape seems to be awaiting its next revolution with baited breath. Although aesthetics such as postmodernism once tried to push things in a new direction, it’ll take another step to truly break away from the shadow of modernism.

Excellent job, thanks to luke max and jay. I would recommend sleek interiors to any one who wants a top class job doing

Max and his team at Sleek Interiors go above and beyond giving service excellence. I have recently had my whole kitchen replaced and special mention must be made of Karl and Luke. These two gentlemen .

..take exceptional pride in their own spheres of work – taking time ensuring that the smallest item is taken care of. It is very rare to come across true tradesmen as these two are. Thank you again – Nick & Les.

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Meet Ioana Sisea, the Berliner Getting Soapy in the Name of Art

But for all the comfort that comes with the ability to choose and shape our tastes as we go, the dilution of trends raises two significant issues: expertise and sustainability. As we drown ourselves in scented candles, marble-pattern phone covers and mugs printed with ironic messages, we obviously produce significant waste. Hendzel points out that fast furniture, just like fast fashion, is “great for making your place look fresh and cool but not so great in a couple years when things become defunct through cheap manufacturing.”

To dig a little deeper into current design trends — and determine whether they still exist at all — we’ve talked to some of the brightest minds in architecture and interior design. Our investigation led us to London, where we attended the MADE Talent Lab launch to talk trends with Ruth Wassermann, head of design for MADE.COM. The Design Junction fair in London further allowed us to meet with Jan Hendzel from the Jan Hendzel Studio, which specialises in sustainable woodworking, and Chrissa Amuah, director of the exhibition platform, Africa by Design, which showcases the best of Africa’s design talent and creates commercial opportunities for its featured designers. Finally, back in Berlin, we listened to the eighth edition of bathroom and kitchen designer Dornbracht’s “Conversations,” with editor-in-chief of design magazine Dezeen, Marcus Fairs, Chinese architect duo Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu from Neri & Hu, and American architect Rafael de Cárdenas from Architecture at Large.

So what is the next big trend going to be? Both architects and marketers are eagerly hoping to identify where we’re heading — and what we’re selling. Undoubtedly the greatest change in the world of design in recent decades is the rise of the internet, and particularly social media. The latter might already have been absorbed by the youngest generations as the default way to communicate, but has forced established architects and designers born without an Instagram account to take a sharp turn in their approach to trends. While these used to be defined by a relatively select group of tastemakers and experts, social media has enabled a democratisation of tastes. Trends can be initiated anywhere and die as quickly as they are born, leading to an endless, constantly renewed array of choices at our disposal.

Thank you Sleek Interiors for our fabulous kitchen. We knew we had chosen the right company from the outset. Following detailed meetings with Max we explained what we wanted from our kitchen and what .

..we hoped to create. He went on to design an amazing plan with ideas that came from his extensive experience. His concept was perfect and he was always on hand to offer advice and suggestions when choosing appliances and work surfaces.

Luke, who fitted our kitchen has an amazing eye for detail detail and his experienced craftsmanship turned Max’s design into a reality. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result. Our kitchen is functional, spacious and has a total wow factor! Without a doubt I would recommend Sleek Interiors.

They are professional, experienced and competitively priced. Lihat Selengkapnya

Superbly excellent job done by Steve .. I can’t thank him (and his colleagues) enough. Professional, friendly, helpful, completely trustworthy … went above and beyond to give me the best kitchen pos.

..sible. I’m thrilled with the result. It looks so perfect I don’t want to actually use it … quite happy to just keep looking at it !!! Will recommend 100% to my family and friends. Thank you again, all at Sleek Interiors.

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Jahrelange Erfahrung in Südamerika und mein BWL-Studium finden sich nun in der Leidenschaft von Groenestyn Interiors wieder. Die Kombination aus der Faszination für den Baustoff Holz und der internationalen Orientierung von Groenesyn Interiors ist für mich ein Lebensziel und Traum, der nun mit Groenestyn Interiors in Erfüllung geht.

It’s all in the name, professional, reliable, excellent quality.

I just want to thank luke and max for doing an amazing job on my kitchen. Everyone that has been to see it loves it. I would also like to thank luke for the time he spent with my grandson tyler who …

is still talking about him. Thank you both again from Karen Lihat Selengkapnya

The Swiss eyewear specialists team up with the Danish design connoisseurs for a sixties inspired, French Riviera sunglasses collection.

Die Faszination für Holz und das Interesse für den Wald waren schon früh durch die familieneigene Land- und Forstwirtschaft geboren. Gepaart mit der betriebswirtschaftlichen Ausbildung der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien und dem Interesse für Innenraumgestaltung ist die Idee von Groenestyn Interiors entwickelt worden.

Ziel ist es die einzigartige Schönheit der Natur in die vier Wände aller zu bringen und Möbel für die Ewigkeit zu schaffen.

Fantastic value for money. They did a kitchen for me at my HGV driving school and we used people in the past who let us down but Sleek Manager always had his lads there on time, they were tidy in appe.

..arance well mannered and nothing was any trouble to then even last minute alterations. We will never use anyone else for future work. Totally recommend this Company and especially Luke who followed up their work with a call a week later to make sure everything was ok.

-Alan McClean – Nottinghamshire Driving School. Lihat Selengkapnya

Nachhaltigkeit heißt für uns Zukunftsfähigkeit. Mit nachhaltigen Produkten und Hölzern wollen wir unseren Kunden individuelle Premium-Produkte anbieten, die den drängenden Herausforderungen der Zukunft gerecht werden: Ressourcenknappheit, Umweltzerstörung und Klimawandel.

Holz als nachwachsende Ressource leistet in ihrer ursprünglichsten Form einen großen Beitrag für eine saubere Umwelt. Durch die Langlebigkeit unserer Produkte wollen wir der Ressourcenverschwendung Einhalt gebieten und den Fokus auf die Dauerhaftigkeit lenken.

Die Erhaltung der tropischen Regenwälder ist uns dabei besonders wichtig. Aus diesem Grund sind unsere Hölzer alle handverlesen und unsere Zulieferer alle durch die Paraguayische Umweltbehörde SEAM zertifiziert.

Damit auch unsere Kinder eine Welt vorfinden, wie wir sie heute haben.Neben dem ökologischen Aspekt ist uns auch die soziale Verantwortung wichtig. Kleine private paraguayische Unternehmen bilden das Rückgrat unserer Lieferkette.

So können wir mit unserem Engagement die dortigen Kleinbetriebe unterstützen und ihnen bei ihrer Entwicklung helfen. Unsere Zusammenarbeit beruht dabei auf gegenseitigem Vertrauen und fairem Handel.

A brilliant job done by Tom, so professional and takes pride in his work. Thanks to Chrissy x and of course Max who designed my wonderful kitchen so so so happy x

By forgoing lasting designs and more timeless style, we also encourage a cycle of production where items can be made at a smaller risk, which in turn means that less expertise is required to create. It’s the double edged sword of social media: while selling online allows makers to reach levels of exposure that would have never been imaginable in pre-internet times, the fact that anyone can initiate new styles also means that — well, that there is a lot of crap out there. As we become accustomed to cheaply produced items, handmade designs are starting to appear ridiculously unaffordable. Could it be that we’re slowly forgetting how to properly identify value? Being able to buy anything and everything considerably reduces the number of times we have to ask ourselves the fateful question: “Do I really need this?”

I absolutely love my new kitchen!!! Excellent work by dedicated professionals. Thank you Max and Luke, not forgetting your amazing team for creating a fantastic kitchen. The whole experience was compl.

..etely stress free from start to finish.. Lihat Selengkapnya

Another project complete by the Sleek Interiors team. Please like and share.

A kitchen we installed over a year ago, pleased to see it is still looking like brand new!

Ioana Sisea is asking you to lather up this Thursday at adidas Arkyn’s “Space-To-Create”

Brands like Dornbracht focus on the sustainability of their products by opting for a “transitional” style, which blends in traditional influences with a modern approach for a design you’ll still be happy to see in your home in 10 years. Plenty of current designs rely on a mix of influences, reinterpreting familiar patterns that used to shape our tastes so distinctively. Combining styles is an efficient way to make products more timeless and thus more sustainable, yet it might not feel new enough for some. For a true revolution in design to happen, we not only have to adjust our attitude to consumption to the reality of a world limited in resources, we might simply need more time to fully appreciate the impact of social media on our culture. As Neri puts it, “we are so connected with social media that we need time to digest.” If there is a Next Big Movement on the horizon, it’ll hopefully focus both on how we can expand the possibilities of design through technology, and on what we should do before we’re all out of materials.

From the very beginning, we have been very impressed with Sleek Interiors. Max went that extra mile to find the best suited appliances for our kitchen, with excellent attention to detail, & competitiv.

..ely priced, we are really pleased with our new kitchen/diner! The fitters, Jay & Tom, have also been brilliant – efficient, polite & hard working – we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sleek Interiors to all our family & friends.

Thanks to the whole team! � Lihat Selengkapnya

“The real sustainable alternative is to invest in things that last. The more you need to buy, the more you use up the world’s products,” says Hendzel. A sentiment echoed by Amuah, who feels like “current trends have abandoned the value of craft and handmade, something which doesn’t easily comply with cyclical trends.” In a way, the hodgepodge of micro trends we’re following can divert us from quality. In the fast furniture cycle, purchases are based more on immediate desire than an investment, which hurts businesses whose products might seem more expensive but have more value in the long term.

BE PART OF OUR TEAM Due to company growth we are looking for a full time kitchen designer, If you are interested please email your cv and cover letter to [email protected]

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In his latest body of work, camouflage artist Liu Bolin collaborates with champagne house Ruinart to reveal the invisible hands of labour.

Love my new kitchen. Thank you to Luke and the team at Sleek Interiors top class job, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, efficient reliable with great attention to detail. The outcome is perfect. Karen & Andy.

Here at Sleek Interiors we have a huge range to choose from and can cater for all budgets, so if you are looking for a new kitchen please give us a call for a FREE design and quotation on :- 0115 838 9999 our kitchen specialists are happy to help.

Luke and Max not forgetting the plasterer and electricians did a fantastic job. Nothing was too much trouble for any of this amazing team. Love my new kitchen with real oak worktops. Would highly r…ecommend this company to anyone who is looking for a new kitchen.

A first class job, well worth the money. Thanks. Lihat Selengkapnya

As Wassermann puts it, social media “has enabled a constant refreshing feed of micro trends that respond quite specifically to what people want right now at any time of the year, and not just twice a year a few months in advance.” In fact, people don’t want singular trends — for Wassermann, “a well curated eclectic mix reflects far more accurately how people’s homes actually are, as we rarely create our interiors in one go.” That means our style and taste are much more malleable. There’s no need to rethink your entire home when the annual furniture catalogue hits your doormat. Instead, we simply add objects, which become absorbed into an ever-changing palette. Scandinavian cosiness is in? Add a fuzzy pillow! You self-identify as a millennial? Paint that wall a soft shade of pink! Today, interior design is a matter of progression and endless combinations.

Sleek LikesAre Interior Design Trends Dying? To dig a little deeper into current design trends — and determine whether they still exist at all — we’ve talked to some of the brightest minds in architecture and interior design.

We are thrilled with our kitchen and can’t thank the team enough for their hard work. Max spent a lot of time planning and designing our kitchen and it looks amazing. Our fitter, Chris, worked really..

. hard and everything is fitted to perfection. I would highly recommend their services. Thanks again Sleek Interiors Lihat Selengkapnya

Private Kontakte nach Südamerika, jahrelange Erfahrung in Paraguay und das Interesse an einzigartigen Hölzern waren die Grundlage für unsere Idee. Einzigartige Hölzer aus nachhaltigem Anbau zu einzigartigen Möbeln zu verarbeiten.

Holz als Baustoff der Natur ist so edel und so zeitüberdauernd wie kaum etwas anderes. Wir wollen Echtholztische produzieren, die aus einem Stück Holz geschnitten werden. In schnelllebigen Zeiten wie diesen, wo Qualität, Dauerhaftigkeit und Handwerk immer weniger an Beachtung genießen, ist es uns wichtig diese Merkmale wieder in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen.

Daher ist Qualität, Nachhaltigkeit und Dauerhaftigkeit unsere oberste Prämisse. Wir als Groenestyn Interiors haben in Paraguay etwas gefunden, mit dem wir Ihrem Zuhause diese Werte wieder zurückgeben können.

Daher auch unser Leitspruch: „Inspiriert durch die Natur. Geschaffen für die Ewigkeit“.Dieses Motto steht für unsere Produkte, egal ob Tische für den Endkunden oder Holz für die Weiterverarbeitung.

Mit Edelholz von Groenestyn Interiors stehen Ihnen unbeschreibliche Möglichkeiten offen.

Dornbracht Conversations 8: Are interior trends over?, Marcus Fairs in conversation with Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu and Rafael de Cárdenas. Image: David von Becker.

Africa By Design featured designer Studio Badge. Image: Courtesy of Chrissa Amuah

The constant addition of elements to our interiors and closets might appear to be overwhelming at first, but for de Cárdenas, it doesn’t mean trends are over. “There just more voices and subsets, so more possibilities.” Add to that our ongoing obsession with customization, allowing us to tweak anything to our liking, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like there’s currently a need for a new drastic movement to lead the way. Customers can not only express what they want, but also get it made. Micro trends are akin to a payment system in rates, where dream homes are financed in many small purchases instead of one big investment. It’s perfect for brands, too, since ultimately we’re spending more than we would be if every item in our home was meant to last forever.

Anna Teuber and Franzi Kohlhoff are inviting you to uncover hidden treasure at their upcoming project at adidas Arkyn’s “Space-To-Create”.

Fantastic quality of work, reliable with a great knowledge of different types of kitchens.

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