Atemberaubende Quilling Designs Von Yulia Brodskaya

halle innenarchitektur Atemberaubende Quilling Designs Von Yulia Brodskaya

halle innenarchitektur Atemberaubende Quilling Designs Von Yulia Brodskaya

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A post shared by Yulia Brodskaya (@yulia_brodskaya_artyulia) on Oct 19, 2017 at 6:23am PDT

Paper is a powerful tool in creativity. Aside from being a place for effortless sketches, it can be folded and sculpted into three-dimensional works. Yulia Brodskaya is one artist who transforms the everyday material into wondrous and colorful creations. She does so with her amazing paper quilling art, which involves her coiling and shaping strips into a design. The practice dates back hundreds of years to the Renaissance but has had a recent resurgence thanks to artists like Brodskaya.

From typography-based art to portraiture, Brodskaya has tested her paper quilling skills and taken it to new heights. In 2016, she introduced a series of portraits of the elderly that employed a new approach. Rather than curling long paper ribbons, she tightly packed each colorful strip. Her new method allows her three-dimensional artworks to illusively tiptoe the line between sculpture and painting. Each fold serves as a single “brushstroke.”

Since we last checked in with Brodskaya (last year), she’s continued to produce artwork that employs a variety of techniques. She will often curl the paper (one of the telltale signs of quilling), but her most striking approach involves tightly packing the paper strips into thin, angular arrangements that mimic the look and feel of an Impressionist brushstroke. It’s a beautiful collision of the two worlds, and it continues to push the age-old field of paper quilling forward in new and exciting ways.

Stunning New Paper Quilled Portraits Blur the Line Between Painting and Sculpture

Finely Cut Paper Art Looks Like Beautifully Inked Illustrations of Spirit Animals

See how Brodskaya works her paper magic in the two process videos below:

Yulia Brodskaya creates paper quilling art that is a contemporary twist on a technique that’s been around since the Renaissance.

Yulias Fähigkeiten werden in der Kreativwirtschaft nicht unbemerkt. Sie hat Kunstwerke für mehrere führende Marken produziert, darunter die Neuen Wissenschaftler, Nokia, Milch Milch, Hermes, WIRED, um nur einige zu nennen.

Wir sind hier irgendwie weggeblasen und sehen, was dieser Künstler mit Papier machen kann. Russisch geboren, Großbritannien besiedelt Illustration Zauberer Yulia Brodskaya Portfolio sollte keinen Zweifel an der Macht des Papiers als Medium für Ausdruck. Ihr Fachwissen in der Quillierung (die Kunstform, die Papier verwendet, um dekorative Entwürfe zu kreieren) ist vermutlich nur von ihrem Sinn für Typografie besetzt, von denen sie sich gut in die Rechtschreibung von Botschaften in ihrer Arbeit einsetzt.

Hopefully the title (and image) speaks for itself: this is vaguely inspired by shaman culture and traditions; an attempt to demonstrate that moment of being immersed/submerged into the spirits world.

This is one of the least colorful artworks, but, technically, my focus was on carefully controlling the direction/flow of thousands of paper strips to make them tell a story with this kind of subtle movement.

A post shared by Yulia Brodskaya (@yulia_brodskaya_artyulia) on Feb 26, 2018 at 6:08am PST

Artist Hand-Cuts Intricately Detailed and Delicate Silhouettes Out of Paper

Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening.

Here’s a time-lapse of Brodskaya carefully constructing her paper art piece Girl with Peacock Earrings: Yulia Brodskaya: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Paper artist Yulia Brodskaya is a quilling genius whose newest work tiptoes the line between sculpture and painting.

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Yulia Brodskaya. Captions also provided by the artist.

This year, rather than focusing solely on the elderly, Brodskaya has extended her attention to a younger lineup of subjects. Alternating between decorative and documentary, the paper artist once again experiments with a visually stimulating blend of abstraction and realism. Each tightly packed portrait has its own story to tell, offering a glimpse of narrative, but opening it up to the viewer to fill in the blanks.

Das obige “Ich liebe dich” Kunstwerk ist nicht Yulia, sondern wurde von Adolfo Correa als eine Hommage an sie erstellt. (Danke, Ann @ All Things Paper) Video: World’s Funniest Engineering Fails. .

Japanese Paper Toy Transforms Into a Penguin When You Drop It

A fantasy warrior design inspired by many things natural (fish/animals colorful patterns and typical features); an imaginary hybrid.

To see more of Brodskaya’s innovative work, you can now follow her on her newly minted Instagram account. And if you’re in the UK, the artist will be speaking at the Reasons to: conference in Brighton this September. It’s an annual event for international creatives and developers to take the stage to “inform, inspire, entertain, thrill and educate designers and coders.”

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Applying the same ‘painting with paper’ technique that I developed in the latest old people portraits.

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Brodskaya shares her work in progress—including behind-the-scenes videos—on her Instagram page. Her videos are an incredible look at the hard work that goes into creating paper art of this caliber.

Paper Quilling Genius Uses Impressionist Techniques With a Contemporary Twist

Paper quilling has seen a resurgence over the last few years, and it’s arguably all thanks to the handiwork of Yulia Brodskaya. The gifted paper artist re-popularized the centuries-old practice with her delightfully colorful creations. With each passing year, she continues to innovate with her evolving technique.

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Atemberaubende Quilling Designs Von Yulia Brodskaya