Attraktive Dekoration Banquette Design Wood

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Attraktive Dekoration Banquette Design Wood

Tzachi Nevo has launched Hunter Wall, a collection of wood taxidermy animal heads inspired by African masks that can be hung alone or as a group to create whimsical wall decor.

Wood can be used several different ways in your home. It can be placed on the wall to create a shelf for your books, or it can be cut into a lovely welcome sign that is placed on the wall right in the main entrance way. In this gallery you will see some great wood home decoration ideas, but some of them stand out more than the rest. One that is of particular interest is the votive candle holders that were crafted from narrow logs. Another that would be simply gorgeous in any home is the clock on the wall that is crafted from several different-sized cuts of wood. Enjoy the other ideas as you explore this gallery, and let us know what you think about the wood home decorations.

This rustic light fixture is made of an irregular log with the bark removed. Old fashioned exposed light bulbs are hung from the log using ropes. The ropes are wrapped around the log, giving the light fixture an interesting texture. The rope conceals the electrical wiring used to light the bulbs.

A simple slice cut from an oak log makes this sturdy table. The bark is left on for texture and color. The top of the table is sanded flat, making a smooth surface for roses in bud vases. The wood gives a warm color and appealing texture to this table.

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The Recycled Wooden Tie is a unisex piece of design that will command attention and spark conversation. A great gift for ecologists with style and hipsters!

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This nautical inspired lamp is made of a small log fixed to a square board. Thick rope is wrapped around the log to conceal the electric wiring for the lamp. An exposed bulb in a unique shelf gives the lamp an old fashioned feeling. This lamp is perfect to bring a rustic touch to your room, whether it is woodsy or ocean themed.

This clock face is made of varying slices of wood. The wood slices are in a pleasing arrangement from small to large. The clock is done in blonde, unstained wood for easy reading of the time. The clock itself is minimalist with only the hour, minute, and second hands.

Slices of wood that vary in size make up the background of this coat rack. The irregular circles of wood give the coat rack a varied texture. A simple wooden plank stained in a dark brown holds old-fashioned coat hooks. This is a practical home accent that brings a touch of woodsy style into your environment.

These shelves for the entryway are displaying calendar blocks, carved wooden spheres, and inspiring lettered signs. These shelves are easy for an experienced woodworker to construct, with vertical planks on the back of the shelf and horizontal shelves holding the items on display. The shelf is stained and finished for a casual look.

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This showy light fixture is made of a beautifully twisted bush. Electrical wires are wound around the branches to conceal them. Exposed globe lights glow in the branches, creating beautiful light and shadows. This light fixture makes a stunning accent to any living room or dining room.

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This beechwood table is carved from a naturally fallen log. The table has a natural shape and texture that can’t be duplicated. It is softly sanded for a smooth texture. The top is leveled off for a flat surface to place vases. Over the table, there is a whimsical display of metal starfish.

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This trough centerpiece holds succulents and white candles. This would be easy to put together, or it could be reclaimed from an older or vintage piece. The wood is stained and varnished nicely for a polished look that contrasts with the distressed surface of the table.

This cute chalkboard sign is made from a slice of log. The center of the slice is painted with chalkboard paint. The slice is hung easily from the front door with twine. It would be fun to be able to change the message on the chalkboard sign whenever you liked.

This simple plywood headboard has a nightstand built in for convenience and style. The plywood is stained and varnished to dress it up, and the top is cut in irregular curves to echo natural wood slices. A light fixture is wired into the headboard for nighttime convenience.

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You might want to shut your office door for this Montana beauty captured by Janie Osborne, because.

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Gorgeous driftwood makes this tea light candle holder special. The wood is laid on its side and tea light sized holes are drilled in it. This would be an easy project for anyone who is handy with power tools. Its dramatic looks would make it a fitting focal point for any living room.

These little rustic twig frames are easy to make at home. Brush a premade wooden picture frame with brown paint. Cut twigs to match the length and width of your frame. Arrange them on the frame in a log cabin shape, crisscrossing the ends. Secure the sticks with glue as you go. When the frame is finished, add accents of moss and silk flowers.

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This room divider makes use of large, rough-edged planks cut from logs. These planks are cleverly joined together so that it looks like they were cut from a huge tree. The wooden divider is placed on a rolling door frame like a closet door so it can be easily moved from place to place.

These unique bookshelves are carved from logs. The bark is removed from the outside for a smooth texture. Shelves are cut directly into the log itself and sanded to a flat finish. The shelves can hold oversized coffee table books or other large items. These bookcases have the look of totem poles.

This interesting end table uses an old hollow log as its base. A light is placed near the bottom, illuminating the table and providing a nice accent to any room. The glass surface allows the light to shine up and through the table. This table will be a conversation piece for you and your guests.

A mirror is framed with irregular wood planks for a natural look. The curves on each plank echo each other, making the mirror an artistic accent to any room. The contrast between the rough wood and the smooth glass make this mirror visually interesting. It looks nice in an all-white room to let it stand out.

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Birch logs are used in this unique shelf for a natural look. The corner supports are made of thicker logs, while the back is crisscrossed with smaller branches. This would keep books and other items from falling out through the back. This shelf would be great in a room with other wild touches, or by itself for a modern and understated look.

These log votive holders create a charming accent to any room. The bark is left on the logs for a natural touch. The colors and textures of the moss and lichens look pretty against the rough bark. These logs are cut in three lengths for an arrangement with different levels.

by 7M Woodworking | Woodworking Design Projects & Woodworking Ideas

This wooden desk is made from a plank with irregular edges. Some of the bark is left on for a textural element. The desk is accented by a simple, modern lamp. This desk draws the eye and makes an eye catching accent to an otherwise minimalist room. The desk combines form with function, making a peaceful place to get work done.

These cute wall hangers hold little Mason jars with growing herbs. The log slices are labeled with the names of the herbs. It would look nice to paint the names on, or you could engrave them for a pretty touch. The top of each log slice is sanded down for a smooth surface. This would be a great accent for any farmhouse kitchen.

Make wall letters with layered sticks. This is a simple project, and the materials can be found outdoors if you live in an area with enough trees. Lay the twigs across a backing board cut into the shape of the letter you wish to make and trim them to the right length.

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7M’s woodworking projects range from very big to very small. This board is an ode to wood products design that take the form of accessories. Find some woodworking ideas for your next DIY project!

This reclaimed driftwood wall hanger holds a lovely little glass bud vase. Simply select a container and attach a metal ring hanger to the wood. The rough wood looks nice behind the soft texture and bright colors of the flowers in the vase. These would make nice accents on an all-white wall.

This adorable heart is made from slices of sticks glued together. An easy project for any woodworker to make at home, this would be great for a wedding decoration. It would also work nicely as a Christmas tree ornament or as a rustic Valentine’s gift. Try hanging it up with a length of twine.

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Wood home decoration ideas are perfect for anyone who wants a cozy cottage feel in their living space. Wood décor is easy to find and easy to maintain, so why not create an interior design that is chic, yet charming? Bring in some vintage accents, and you have a delightful looking living space that features all of your wood home decoration ideas and creations. The best thing about wood décor is that if you are handy, you can easily create your own decorations to place in your home. The designs do not have to be intricately carved; just create something that fits the current décor in your living space.

These simple wooden coasters make a pretty accent to any coffee table. Finished with a gorgeous wood stain and polished to remove any rough edges, these coasters are as refined as they are natural. Leave them out for your guests to use and enjoy their pretty colors while your furniture is protected from stains.

An old log with no bark provides the support for this unique corner bookshelf. The wood is cut in a diamond shape to maximize space. Each shelf is able to hold a lot of heavy books. The bookshelf provides a quirky focal point to any living room or bedroom.

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This vase is made from a slice of hollow log with a glass insert to hold the flowers. The texture and color of the hollow log provide a nice contrast to the freshness of the flowers. This vase would look great with any style of décor, but would blend in nicely with other rustic wood touches.

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Kitchen shelves are constructed from slabs of natural, burled wood and hung on the wall. The edges are textured and sanded, making smooth, interesting curves. These open shelves are perfect for displaying handmade pottery and other artistically pleasing items. Their curves and lines make a gorgeous accent to your kitchen.

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This stunning vanity is made from oak heartwood. The vanity is hung from the wall with sturdy metal chains. The sink is set right in the middle of the wood, with modern style plumbing fixtures contrasting with the rustic nature of the vanity itself. This vanity is unique and would make a standout accent to your bathroom.

This simple round mirror is accented with rings of slabs cut from small twigs and branches. This style calls log cabins to mind. The sanded and varnished wood makes this mirror look put together. With its intricate pattern of wooden circles, it makes a great contrast to a modern and minimalist room.

This ingenious wheeled coffee table is made of birch logs stood up on their ends and bonded together. The look resembles a stand of bamboo. This coffee table has a fun and fresh look. It would go nicely with rustic home décor as well as with a more modern room, as pictured.

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This tall and narrow mirror is made of reclaimed wood. It is freestanding and leans in the corner of a bedroom. The rustic wood brings a touch of the country into the bedroom. The exposed nail heads give the mirror a homemade look. Vases with dried plants stand in front of the mirror.

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