Berlin Wohnzimmer

June 11, 2018 12:00 am by oliviacheryl
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Berlin Wohnzimmer

This is a quirky place and larger than it appears on the outside, but then it was dark, so… Anyway, there is a smoking section but it is well to the back and although sat close to it, I was not really bothered by it….More

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Perfect cafe for a rainy afternoon. Great coffee and treats. Being inside is like going back in time. Great space. Great music.

Nein!! The coffee is NOT good. The deserts were cheap (like discount grocery store). The furniture was vintage and unique but could use cleaning. There is a dirty funk happening here that people choose to ignore when writing a review. It seems they have a no smoking policy now which is good, but it needs to be professionally cleaned as the smell of ash does not compliment anything well in my opinion. The energy was ok. The wifi was ok.

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This bar is so awesome!! They make the perfect Bombay crushed and other mixed cocktails! The ambience feels like your Wohnzimmer or Hall in your Apartment 🙂 Plenty of women, I highly recommend this place!

This is a total gem, it was recommended by some locals and they knew the best. it has a cool decor and cozy vibe. there are two section for smokers and non-smokers which is really nice for someone who doesn’t smoke. Totally on return spot list for me in Berlin !

“there are two section for smokers and non-smokers which is really nice for someone who doesn’t smoke.” in 3 reviews

Classic dive bar with leather clad majorly grumpy bar man. The Decor or lack of is really cool. Full of loungeroom style velour sofas that various Hipster types kick about on. Good afternoon/evening session bar in Prenz area!

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They have three different rooms to sit in. Enjoy a solid cocktail or just a simple beer and have a good and until the morning chat with your friends. Everything’s and everyone’s pretty relaxed around here.

thousands turn the park next to remnants of the wallinto a playground for street artists, musicians, andflea market shoppers. This attracts young urbanfamilies who enjoy the balance of big city life andsmall-town comfort.

Meanwhile, trendy, young,upper-class visitors from all over the world areattracted to the local high-end shops, cafés, andsophisticated bars and restaurants. The merits of thistransformation are a favorite topic of debate aroundthe city, but it makes for some of the bestpeople-watching Berlin has to offer.

Being a child of the 80’s in Berlin, this mirror image of a great dive bar for me puts Spandau Ballet in perspective with charm as I look over the furniture & find a place to ruminate over culture gone past and consider my next hop on the continent with good company. The dim ad-hoc interior is just priceless.

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This place is gorgeous, but you have no place comfortable to sit. If you are a group, sure, it’s nice, but a date? Well at least I have no good experiences of this place. The breakfast is ok. It’s decent. The service is bad. The cocktails are awful. The atmosphere makes this place.

I just had a horrible experience at the Wohnzimmer. My boyfriend and I came in for a few caipis. They tasted like pure cachaça, even after mixing them up a bit. So naturally, I took them up to the bar and told the woman bartender…More

The legendary bar with the trashy Prenzlauer Berg look, and the charme of a living room. Friendly staff and cheap beers….ultra cool.

Willkommen auf der Seite der WOHNZIMMER-BAR in Berlin Prenzlauer-Berg.Die Wohnzimmer-Bar ist jeden Tag ab 10 Uhr für Sie geöffnet. Bar-Betrieb gibt es bis spät in die Nacht. Sie finden uns in der Lettestr.

6 in 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, nördlich vom Helmholtzplatz.Unser Angebot im Überblick: Kaffee, Cafe, Café, Espresso, Cappucino, Latte Macchiato, Heiße Schokolade, Malzmilchkaffee, Tee, Cocktails, Cocktail-Karte, Longdrinks, Mojito Martini, Mai Tai, Watermelon Man, Aperitifs, Sours, Fizzes, Daiquiris, Frozen Daiquiris, Rum-Cocktails, Wodka-Cocktails, Bier, Spirituosen, Wein, Rotwein, Weißwein, Rosé, Milchshake, Frühstück, Käse-Frühstück, Französisches Frühstück, Sofa, Klappbrot, WLAN, W-Lan.

Das Café ist mit einem Hot Spot der T-Com ausgestattet: surfen Sie mit WLAN und genießen Sie gleichzeitig den berühmten Milchkaffee.Folgende Medien berichteten über das WOHNZIMMER: die FAZ, der Spiegel, Stern, der Tagesspiegel, die Berliner Morgenpost, die Berliner Zeitung, die Berliner Stadtmagazine Zitty, TIP und Prinz, Lufthansa und Easyjet Magazin und die japanische Zeitschrift pen.

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This place is simply incredible, the atmosphere screams Berlin! The design of the place is beautiful, and we enjoyed it while drinking a big beer that we paid less than we expected! If you find your self in Pranzlauerberg you need to stop in this…More

I visited this bar with friends over the weekend when staying in the locality after reading reviews. Great drinks, staff, choice of music, location. The place is so good that when ended up going back the next night for another ‘few hours’ after visiting other…More

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Caipirinha in the summer can not be beat, facing the sun and the south. Why is it so easy to drink several? Place your shades and grooves on! Great place to hang out in the kietz.

An east Berlin classic. Good cocktails, nice ambience, friendly people, reasonable prices. What’s not to like? They have been here for 20 year’s now, so the floors are refurbished, unfortunately, the old floor was full of huge holes, worn out, but very beautiful with all…More

No Berlin neighborhood has undergone a greater changethan Prenzlauer Berg. The artists and non-conformiststhat defined the district’s intriguing subculture inthe 1980s and 90s have been replaced by a young, hipcrowd that frequents the many cafes.

Where there wereonce run-down houses in the shadow of the Berlin Wall,there are now designer shops. Beautiful old homes havebeen modernized and renovated, and on Sundays,

“The legendary bar with the trashy Prenzlauer Berg look, and the charme of a living room.” in 4 reviews

I think this is a typical Berlin bar! I like it because it’s old and different!

Cool bar that you have to go two. Literally living room in German and that what it feels like. The service is good, the cocktails is awesome and the place have WiFi. You should totally go here for a drink or a sandwich.

I was torn between giving 3 or 4 stars but decided to go with 4 as I think Wohnzimmer is a great, cosy cafe/bar. I went here during the day for a meeting and Wohnzimmer has a great atmopshere for that. You feel like you’re hanging out in grandmas living room while sipping some tea (or cocktails). The only thing I don’t like is that at times it feels a bit clutters like there is too much furniture there, especially when you attempt to go to (what I think) is the smokers area. Besides that though, I think it’s a great spot to hang out or work.

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The perfect living room type cafe, older than retro, almost older than vintage.. this place has more charm than most modern places combined. The Caipirinha is a good choice if you are thirsty, or if the sun is out.. otherwise the bio wine, or the coffee are both safe bets. Wohnzimmer only gets packed quite late in the evening, so I like heading there in the early hours when it’s still quiet and calm.. then I find it the perfect chair to sink into, bring out a book or a notepad, and get lost in thoughts.. someone else’s, or my own. In the back they allow you to smoke, but luckily the front room is smoke-free – which is perfect, seeing it’s my favorite anyways.

We found this place while walking around bar hopping one night. At first we didn’t find a table cause it was so crowded. But after walking around the block we went back and found a place to sit. The atmosphere is very cozy; it feels like an eclectic shabby chic version of your grandma’s living room. It’s good for relaxing and chatting with friends. The drink menu has all the necessities from beer to cocktails.

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The ambiance is nice. There are old furniture and a smoking area as well. We had breakfast and it was delicious, but service is really too slow.

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I was here until late last night (or was it early this morning?) with my companion, my other companion, and his companion. As we wanted to hang out in a dive bar without a cover fee, we ended up here. We found a long sofa which we shared with a swanky lesbian couple. We ordered two Berliners and two glasses of Chardonnay; that was 12,50 EUR. We thought it was cheap so we repeated it and ordered another one. Why do I love this place? I’ve only been here last night, but I heard how great this place is. Maybe it’s that retro vintage vibe, that grandma chic atmosphere, as well as the cavernous yet monastic underground restrooms. They have a huge smoking section, as well as two bars. I tried their cookies; they were okay, but I won’t deduct a star for the okay cookies. After all, you go here for the alcohol, not for the cookies. Oh, did I tell you they have free wifi as well?

From the environmental point of view it could be cool and “in” with all the old second or third hand antiques- a mix of everything put together like from a fleemarket, on the other side, very well arranged and not tacky at all. This morning…More

Super nice, comfortable and stylish bar. It has a cool vibe. It’s nothing too fancy, but the prices are low, so it’s fair. I had some beers and my friends had cocktails. Everything was cool. Probably the best place for a cool night with friends in that area of Prenzlauer Berg.

Awful customer service, from staff that look like they chomp on lemons all day. I ordered a Moscow Mule, which tasted awful. I politely asked if I could swap it – the bar lady was rude back, saying that because I had tasted it it…More

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Lovely atmosphere. Three different rooms to sit in. They did a good job converting the house space into a cafe. In a weekday morning its pretty slow but nice. The wifi situation is a little lacking. Speed is .52 mbts download and upload is .18mbts

I would have described this place as a ‘hidden gem’ a while ago, as was Helmholtzplatz, where it’s located. Wohnzimmer used to welcome my partner, myself and our dog and we’ve spent a lot of hours (and money) there lounging in the comfy vintage chairs and sofas. Now, our dog’s not welcome so, neither are we!! The place is grungy. I like that, that’s not a negative thing but we have overlooked the stench of unwelcome smoke that lingers from adjoining rooms, but please don’t, Wohnzimmer, turn your nose up at our well behaved, clean, non-smelly dog!!! There’s plenty of more welcoming ‘alternative’ bars and cafe’s in the area as long as they don’t all start generating these ‘airs and graces’ that really don’t suit Berlin, the ‘beauty’ of Berlin. Please don’t let Berlin turn into Paris or London! Keep Berlin real with no ‘airs and graces’. Please don’t forget those who supported you BEFORE the tourists came in their droves!

Very cheap (alcohol), nice selection of drinks and cocktails. This place have amazing atmosphere I would say, a little bit weird hybrid between posh and communist decor.

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We were there at a sunday afternoon like six o clock, it was raining and cold and we wished to have a coffee and desert or so, my nine year old boy was with us, as we entered the place the ( helpless) barman said…More

This bar has a nickname in our household, for my fiance who does not speak German: “the perfect bar.” As in, “meet me at that perfect bar.” They play great music and they actually know how to make a cocktail. Until a few years ago, if you ordered a martini anywhere in Berlin, the bartender would open a bottle of vermouth, pour it into a martini glass and hand it to you. I’m totally serious.

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