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Modern Bett Design Ideen

In this Buenos Aires master bedroom, the bed is custom, the 19th- century settee is Gustavian, and the gilded bronze-and-leather side tables are by Maison Jansen. The circa-1940 lamps by Jean-Michel Frank for Comte have custom parchment shades by Trans-Luxe, the 1920s glass pendant is Italian, the carpet is by Tai Ping, the artwork is 19th-century Swedish, and the room is in Benjamin Moore’s Perspective.

Pairing earthy browns with industrial greys creates an environment that just about everyone likes, so if you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on color choices, consider creating a color scheme similar to the above bedroom. Alf

A city skyline always adds a sense of geometry to a space and can easily be amplified within the interior design. The bedroom above does this by incorporating two large rectangular area rugs placed in opposite directions and by choosing a bed-frame that has been curved up to create both the mattress support and the headboard. Presotto

In a contemporary Manhattan master bedroom, a bed by Minotti is dressed in linens by E. Braun & Co., the bedside table is from Philippe Hurel, the custom rug is by Tai Ping, and the walls have a custom textured finish by Atelier Premiere.

When you have a gorgeous view there is no need to bring the outdoors inside, floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows will do the job just fine and when its time for a little privacy, simply draw the curtains or pull down the shades. B&B Italia

Creating a modern old world charm can be as simple as incorporating a large tufted headboard and layering in a few faux animal skins on the floor and in the furnishings. Cassina

The bed in this and the last bedroom has the same singular, central leg lifting it high of the floor, defying gravity. Lago

If your bedroom is lucky enough to have high ceilings, and views that go on forever, a great modern way to focus on the panorama is to create unique architectural details on the window walls, such as the arched windows in the photo above. Bolzan

Modern design is all about showcasing a few bold choices rather than a lot of this and that and this bedroom is showcasing its ever so clever headboard/night stand. The headboard even has a strapped in place cushioned section behind the actual cushions and incorporates electrical plug ins for lights and gadgets. Uno

Both this bedroom headboard and the one above it are fitted with a modern slip cover making it as easy to change the color of the headboard as it is to change bed sheets and/or pillows. Bolzan

Asymmetry is all the rage these days in modern design, as are platform beds, so when the two design concepts are combined in a low profile bed and combined with a shag rug and a low, wide ottoman, the look is totally fresh and comfortable. Ivano Redaelli

An aged natural brick wall is full of stories that have never been told. You know the phrase “nothing goes past these four walls” – well in a bedroom that might be a very good thing indeed. When using naturally patina’d brick, the colorations are distinct and can’t be ignored in the rest of the room. Here, the area rug has been carefully selected to play off of the brick harmoniously while at the same time injecting a bold pattern into the otherwise pattern free room.

The bed, dresser, and side tables in the master bedroom of a Mexican home are by Roche Bobois; the Eames chair and ottoman are by Herman Miller, the bedside lights are by FontanaArte, and the wall is painted in Patagonia by Comex.

In the master bedroom of a modern Tuscan home, the bed and bedside table are Lissoni designs, for Living Divani and Porro, respectively.

This modern bedroom has taken a different approach when it comes to complimenting the colors within the landscape. here the bedding greens are similar to the tree greens and the shades of patterned greys match the shadows outside. There is even a large painting of a Great Blue Heron leaning against the wall and you never know, there might be a real one scoping out a garden pond outside. Bolzan

In the master bedroom of a Pacific Palisades home, the custom bed is dressed with linens by Deborah Sharpe Linens and a Frette coverlet; the photograph is by David Drebin.

While reds bring a blast of heat to a design, blues do the opposite and cool a space down, making a blue bedroom a perfect place to be on a hot summer’s eve. My Home Collection

Shape can speak volumes in a minimalist modern bedroom as seen in the above photo with the bedframe designed to “rest” on the continuous night stand support. Porro

When creating an old world charm in a modern decor, something as simple as a cuckoo clock and/or a stack of books can really make a difference. Cassina

The best way to create a minimalist modern look is to choose a few key items that are stand alone designs like the Him Chair in orange, the checkerboard carpets and the purple bed frame. Lema

When it comes to modern bedroom designs, there are so many different directions and choices to choose from that if it’s time to give your bedroom a modern overhaul, it can be overwhelming even knowing where to start. That’s where we come in – we’ve picked the best design ideas from European manufacturers and compiled them into easy to follow groupings for your inspiration. Read on for images and sources.

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Have you ever wished for a more comfortable way to rest your arms when watching TV, reading or just hanging out in bed? Target Point has that covered, with armrests built into the bed frame, but not just that, this bed also has full Lombard support and an adjustable headrest. In fact it is so ergonomic you might not ever want to get up!

Lucite legs give this modern bed the appearance of floating and the same magical aesthetic has been incorporated into the media cabinet next to it. Lago

A graffiti night stand and area rug, white painted brick, and a glass balustrade are all modern moments and the layering in of the spotlight floor lamp, geometric bed-frame and linens take the above room into the ultra zone – as in ultra modern.—For some very sophisticated ideas, check out these stunning modern bedrooms, and also take a look at these inspiring wooden bedroom designs.

There’s nothing better than warming up a room with a fire and while most of us don’t think twice about including a fireplace in our living room, we don’t always consider the bedroom, but a fireplace there would be the perfect way to relax and unwind, and when suspended from the ceiling at a height that’s visible from the bed, it’s also beautiful.

The landscape greens outside the window are beautiful, but so are the colors within the room. A headboard wall filled with over-scaled writing in shades of inky blue, teal bed sheets, lime green pillows and a bold purple carpet all work with the landscape colors to form a canvas of rich, vibrant hues like a 3D painting. Bolzan

Since the main job of a bedroom is to create a relaxing place to fall asleep in, the choice of black as a dominant color choice just makes sense. The above design layers in black via the area rug, art above the bed and even on the door. B&B Italia

In the master bedroom of a Tahoe vacation home, an armchair and stool by Minotti, upholstered in a Holly Hunt leather, are paired with a side table by Jonathan Adler; the bench and dresser are by Lawson-Fenning, and the drawing is by Ching Ho Cheng; the wall is painted in Bank Vault by Dunn-Edwards, and the carpet is by Decorative Carpets.

Once upon a time we all where told that green and blue didn’t work together, thank goodness in today’s modern homes that is no longer the case. A bedroom filled with both blue and green is such a comforting, nature inspired aesthetic that sleep is just a pair of closed eyes away. Bolzan

We’ve already seen how texture, color and pattern can really enhance a minimalist or modern look, but if you prefer your furnishings and bedroom linens to be neutral and pattern free you can still layer in pattern with the help of wallpaper. Bolzan

The exposed lintel over the window in the above bedroom reckons to days gone by and the brick, well that’s just the icing on the cake. B&B Italia

The master bed in this NYC apartment is upholstered in a Holly Hunt silk and dressed in Schweitzer linens; the stainless steel chair (right) is by Maria Pergay, and the Philippe Hiquily chair purchased at Sotheby’s has cushions in a Fortuny fabric; the curtains are of a Holland & Sherry silk satin, the carpet is by Beauvais, and the walls are sheathed in a Rubelli cotton velvet; the sculpture is by Rebecca Warren, and the painting to the left of the bed is by Richard Prince.

In a New Jersey mansion, the master bedroom’s bed and side tables are custom designs, the linens are by Frette, the reading light is by Stephen Miller Siegel, and the vintage lamp bases are from Ruby Beets; the walls are upholstered in a Pindler fabric, and the carpet is by Woolshire Carpet Mills.

Adding a few industrial elements can really take a modern bedroom to the next level, so when incorporating a fireplace into your design, consider installing one that showcases such materials as steel and concrete for that industrial edge.

In the bedroom of a West Village home, the vintage Cityscape headboard is by Paul Evans, the bed is dressed in Casa del Bianco linens, the bedside tables are ebonized mahogany, the 1950s American lamps are from Wyeth, and the carpet is by Beauvais Carpets.

Nothing says modern like a photo collage displayed in a random pattern and when mounted on a distressed wall the effect is warm, comforting and very creative. Layered into this modern bedroom look is an unexpected bit of glam via the chandelier – like stars in the sky. Hulsta

Another unique feature in this modern bedroom is the bedside tables, which aren’t really tables at all but cantilevered sections of sheet metal projecting out from the bed frame. Bolzan

In a playful New York apartment, a bed by Christopher Ostafin and a 1990s bench by Campion Platt in the master bedroom; the circa-1950 chair by Illum Wikkelso is from Hostler Burrows, the steel side table is Wyeth, the curtains are of a Holland & Sherry cashmere, and the photograph is by Jack Pierson.

If you can’t decide to go for a masculine pattern or a feminine one, you can always choose a wallpaper that has a bit of both. Who knew lace and plaid could look so amazing together? Bolzan

The beautiful park like setting outside the windows of the bedroom above is the perfect backdrop for a playground effect created by incorporating bold swathes of color and large graphic shapes, all purposely off kilter in a street chic sort of way. Bolzan

How beautiful are the shadows within the painted brick and ceiling trusses? Ivano Redaelli

The headboard wall in this bedroom is covered in vertically installed wood planking, but that’s not the unique part. the choice to install it in random widths is what really makes this timber wall stand out. Bolzan

In a Palm Beach home, the master bedroom’s settee by Gastone Rinaldi is upholstered in a Bergamo fabric, the rug is by V’Soske, the walls are covered in Venetian plaster, and the adjacent closet structure is sheathed in acrylic panels; the drawings above the bed are by Ciprian Muresan, and the photographs in the corridor are by Mircea Cantor.

The Ralph Lauren bed in Andy Cohen’s master bedroom is upholstered in a Maharam plaid by Paul Smith and dressed with Pratesi linens. The vintage leather bench is from Black Swan Antiques, the custom nightstands are by Blend Interiors, the vintage Pierre Giraudon green-resin lamps are from John Salibello, and the sconces are by RH Modern. The rug is from Crate & Barrel and the walls are covered in a Ralph Lauren Home wallpaper. The photograph over the bed is by Micheal McLaughlin, and the “Sweety” image to the right of the bed was taken by Cohen at a carnival outside Saint-Tropez.

In a minimal apartment, the neon wall sculpture in the master bedroom is by Glenn Ligon, and the Corian platform bed, a custom design, is dressed with Belgian linens; the circa-1960 bedside tables are by Joseph-André Motte, and the walls are sheathed in a Marmorino wall finish

The bed in this Palm Springs master bedroom came with the house and is dressed in Barbara Martin linens with a blanket and shams by Hermès. The painting is by Daryl Edwards and the wood screen and marble bedside tables are estate-sale finds.

Pops of red add a blast of zest to a modern decor and when incorporated into an otherwise neutral bedroom design, it can take your decorating scheme to a whole new level. BonaldoSee more clever examples of decorating with red accents.

The above bedroom design keeps the furnishings minimal and clean lined but layers in several artistic moments to really personalize the space. Bolzan

The bed in the master bedroom of a London townhouse is dressed in a custom duvet made from a Dedar fabric, the letter-shaped stools are from Andrew Martin, and the walls are sheathed in a Jim Thompson silk with hand-sewn red silk borders; the drawing over the mantel is by Lluis Lleo, and the work over the bed, which is inscribed with Buddhist phrases, was purchased in Singapore.

This modern interior is a rhythmic composition of black and white with most of the architectural details in white and almost all of the furniture and accessories in black. B&B Italia

In a TriBeCa apartment’s master bedroom, the bed is by Meridiani, the wall lamp is by Serge Mouille, the vintage Poul Kjaerholm daybed retains its original leather, and the side table is by Wyeth; the console is a vintage piece by Paul McCobb, and the circa-1970 Beni Ourain rug is from Double Knot.

If you live in a noisy city or just have a hard time tuning out sounds at night, the above bedroom, with its padded headboard and sideboard walls can help acoustically dampen the sounds coming into – or going out of – your room. Meridiani

In the master bedroom of a California home, the linen coverlet is by Area, the photograph above the bed is by Olafur Eliasson, and the 1930s lamp on the custom-made table is by George Carwardine; the capiz-shell pendant is vintage, and the redwood closet doors are original.

Talk about defying gravity! The above bedroom is cantilevered from its headboard and has no support beneath it at all – or does it? Lago

Over-scaled tufting is a texture trend in modern design that when combined with a minimalist look, really ramps up the design volume. Bolzan

Brick walls area great way of gaining a modern loft or warehouse aesthetic to a bedroom and when the brick is painted a deep grey it also layers in a contemporary color palette.

A big trend these days is to bring a bit of the outside indoors and the above bedroom does that with container plants and a distressed sky blue headboard wall. the wall is like an abstracted map of the world. Fimar

Nothing says modern like bold stripes and steel legs and this gorgeous modern bed has both. Bolzan

The bed in the master bedroom of an upstate New York home is upholstered in an Edelman leather and dressed in Pratesi and Frette linens, the bedside tables are by Jallu Ebénistes, the Carol Egan stool from Maison Gerard is upholstered in a Toyine Sellers fabric and the circa-1970 Mazzega ceiling light was found at a Paris flea market. The walls are upholstered in a Ralph Lauren wool suiting, the ceiling is covered in a Stark tea-leaf paper, the custom wool carpet is by Hokanson and the artwork over the bed is by Richard Serra.

A simple way to create a modern decor in a rustic bedroom is to paint brick, exposed ceiling joists and even floors white. Ivano Redaelli

The bedroom above uses black on the walls and white in the upholstered bedframe and area rug and then layers in shades of grey everywhere else except for the blast of purple and blue in the privacy screen. Bolzan

Bedrooms can be a conundrum for those of us with a sleek modern aesthetic. How can a space that’s inherently full of pillows and soft bedding also be a tour de force of polished design? Fortunately, it’s not an insurmountable dilemma; these 20 modern bedrooms will give you all the inspiration you need to do it right.

A real trend in modern design is to display frames in bold colors with nothing actually in the frame. The bedroom above shows just how beautiful this concept can be with its black on black frame and wall. Poliform

We’ve already seen how dramatic black on black can look in a modern bedroom and the same amount of drama can be had in a white on white design scheme. The above photo is filled with dramatic cool whites but still has a warm and snugly aesthetic. My Home Collection

While grey bricks don’t have as much of a minimizing effect to the brick as white, the neutral color is a great way to feature white moments such as this kinetic mobile an the faceted dot lamp. Molteni

While the palette in the modern bedroom above might be pulled directly from nature and the garden, the hounds tooth pattern headboard and ottoman and the plaid pattern within the pillows are all about urban life and city chic. Bolzan

The bedroom above also draws attention to the light above the bed, only this one is a floor light cantilevered over the bed. What a great way to incorporate lighting when there are no immediate electrical boxes! B&B Italia

The bedroom wall in the above photo showcases a modern distressed look paired with a more traditional herringbone floor. Its a bit of ying and yang that works so well because of the neutral but very rich color choices in bedding. Ivano Redaelli

Aside from the pops of red in this neutral scheme, the choice of a hexagonal pattern on the floor really modernizes the whole look of the above bedroom. Bonaldo

These handmade buttons are available with Swarovski crystal glass. Gorgeous, glamorous and seriously fun, the pin dots of brilliant crystal buttons twinkle like distant planets. Bolzan

In the master bedroom of a San Francisco loft, the headboard is covered in a Rogers & Goffigon fabric, the bed linens are by Sue Fisher King, the bedspread is antique Belgian linen, the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Super White, and the artwork is by Joan Mitchell.

Geometric moments can be subtle while still making a big impact as seen in the above photo within the cage light pendants on either side of this modern bed. Hulsta

A bedroom in a NYC penthouse features a bed by DucDuc, a Saarinen Womb chair by Knoll, and a pendant light by Kartell; the map decal is by Dezign With a Z, and the felt rug is by Patterson Flynn Martin.

White bricks are a classic look that pairs well with a modern interior, the white also minimizes the brick, letting other elements take center stage such as the uber chic lamps.

The above design is noisy, but not in an acoustical way, it is filled with the sounds of color and pattern, each carrying a tune of fun, fierce excitement. My favorite pattern is the repeating triangular mill-work on either side of the bed, What’s your favorite pattern? Lago

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